By using the myElth platform, consumers will be able to manage all aspects of their healthcare and communicate with doctors, hospitals, family caregivers, employers and insurance carriers.

Our value proposition is simple but powerful: to create a frictionless digital experience for all consumers to exchange information and services with healthcare providers.

Search for Care

Find excellent care at a lower cost. Using our Search for Care feature, consumers can sort through hospitals and urgent care providers by distance, cost, and quality. Our search engine scans through  1 million+ doctors and 10,000+ medical facilities including hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers across the US.

Comprehensive, Real-Time Coverage

The myelth platform is connected with over 730 health insurers, enabling you to view your eligibility and benefits in real time. Those with multiple coverages and dependents can access all their relevant information from the same screen.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

You can store and retrieve health records from hospital visits right here on the app. With 1500+ connections to hospitals and growing, we aim to develop a platform where you can store all of your health records. Additionally, you can upload images, files, and IoT data to the app to manage all of your information from one central location.

Rewards Program

We want you to make the best decisions for your health. That’s why we’re partnering with employers and insurance carriers to create incentives for quality healthcare decisions. Our incentive model enables employers and employees to come together for better healthcare for all.

Easily Share Information

We don’t want you to hesitate to see a new doctor. That’s why we added easy-sharing functionality to our app. Once you start using the myElth app to store your health records, you can share them with doctors and hospitals using the click of a button.

Manage Care for the Whole Family

You can manage your entire family’s healthcare from the myElth app: access benefits, electronic health records and even make appointments for other family members.