Electronic Health Records

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access an entire lifetime’s worth of medical data in one location. Well now you can, with the myelth EHR feature.

Say you wanted to take a look at your medical records going back ten years. To do so, you would have to interact with each hospital, doctor, clinic, etc. that you have visited over that timeframe, separately. Thus, compiling records over any significant amount of time was nearly impossible to achieve.

Enter the myelth Electronic Health Record (EHR) feature. This feature allows you to keep track of every medical transaction you make, regardless of time and place. Now, in the future, you won’t have to waste dozens of hours reaching out to different hospitals and asking for your information back. You’ll have it ready to go on the myelth app.

You can even archive past medical records, files, and images to get rid of your paper files once and for all. All of your data will be waiting for you right where you left it. Furthermore, you can sync up your wearable IoT devices, such as your smartwatch, to track your health as you go about your day.