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Consumer First

myElth is a healthcare technology company built with consumer as the focus. Our mission is to engage and empower consumers to not only make informed decisions on their healthcare but also collect their health information as an asset and have full control of it.

Trusted Collaboration

We are worlds first company to support consumer controlled exchange of health information. myElth enabled trusted collaboration of Payers, Providers, Employers and Family Caregivers to bring you high value care at lower cost..



myElth is HIPAA and ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) certified and completely secure. Your personal health information is encrypted using certificates assigned to you and can only be accessed by you.


Technology evolves rapidly in 2020, and we believe in changing with it . That’s why our platform is built on the latest blockchain technology to give you the most efficient and secure experience.



Use the below link to download myElth mobile app. 

Healthcare costs are on the rise, we are here to help you get high value care at a lower cost

Developer Name: MyElth Inc.Product Name: MyElth EHR

Version: 1.0

Certificate Number: IG-4237-18-0030

Certification Date: Aug 13th,2018

Criteria certified:

170.315 (d)(1) - Authentication, access control,and authorization170.315 (d)(5) - Automatic access time-out

170.315 (d)(7) - End user device encryption

170.315 (d)(8) - Integrity

170.315 (d)(9) - Trusted Connection

170.315 (g)(4) - Quality Management System

170.315 (g)(5) - Accessibility-centered design

CQMs certified